Donít bother checking the numbers, theyíre right here on my stat sheet. And by stat sheet, I mean napkin. And by napkin, I mean nothing. Madden NFL 18 Thereís nothing there. Iím lying to you. Donít believe everything on the Internet. Lesson learned.Point is, thereís a lot passing going on. Itís only natural that to defenders will get better against the pass. Here, we have an elite group of cornerbacks who are extremely effective at making QBs regret throws.Letís look at the top 5 corners in Madden NFL 18. 1. Chris Harris Jr., Denver Broncos So, technically this is a tie between two players at 94 OVR, but letís give it to Harris based on last name. Just like in grade school. Harris has great base stats, but his 60 Hit Power is the lowest of the top 5. Madden 18 Coins That means little though since Harris has the best coverage ratings of the CB , carrying scores of 97 in Man Coverage and 93 in Zone Coverage.