View Full Version : But it is more probable that this bid campaign was the true embarrassment

01-07-2014, 05:32 AM
You've gotten to have a pity party with the media; they create convenient scapegoats which enable it to be blamed for any price. FUT 14 Coins (http://www.buy-fifa14coins.com/).Inside latest round of finger-pointing, the British media is it being blamed for England failing to win the bid to host the 2018 Soccer World Cup.The 1st person to cast a stone was Fifa vice-president Jack Warner. He blamed the british isles Sunday Times' investigation into corruption at Fifa, which was as well as a BBC broadcast merely a three days prior to the vote. According to Warner, "Fifa could hardly have voted for England previously being insulted by their media inside worst way possible. To do this can have been the best insult to Fifa."England's 2018 bid team called the Panorama programme, which has been broadcast from the BBC, an "embarrassment".

But it is more probable that this bid campaign was the true embarrassment. Mike Lee, a pr expert who worked tirelessly on London's bid to host the 2012 Olympics, said, "This England bid campaign has not been Premier League, rrt had been relegation and League One. I don't know it's healthy the culprit the competition, instead of reflect on the campaign itself."Then in addition there are the belief that the investigation into corruption might have been warranted. Shortly before South Africa hosted the 2010 World Cup there were rumours that Sepp Blatter engaged inside the odd case of nepotism. Allegations of bribery and corruption were raised with regard to Fifa approved accommodation.The british isles documentary alleges that problems with bribery go all the way to the 1990s, and claims that three Fifa executive committee members cant be found above some financial persuasion.

Small wonder, then, that England was snubbed. But the old saying about smoke and fire might apply. Roger Burden, the latest acting chief from the Football Association, has withdrawn his application for the permanent position. In a very letter to board members Burden said, "I recognise make fish an important perhaps the role is liaison with Fifa, our global governing body. I'm not prepared to cope with people whom I cannot trust and I've withdrawn my candidacy."There are also calls for international football associations to get pressure on Fifa to "reform" and it's really been suggested which the electoral system is due for something new.Considering Fifa's (read Blatter's) love of control, it's unlikely that anything will change. And in connection with alleged corruption, a lot of people have found, often with their detriment, that Fifa doesn't enjoy being crossed. The media will keep digging, however it is unlikely that anything concrete will come than it. *98ehg45