View Full Version : Abstract painter holds Cebu homecoming exhibit

10-11-2014, 04:18 AM
Younger specialist Jewelle Yeung has been artwork for five decades but only lately had the opportunity to install a regional display of her items.Her design of Abstract Oil Paintings (http://www.oilpainting-shop.com/abstract-paintings.html) is non-threatening; they attract the audience to come and look nearer. “I usually modify my design of artwork every now and then but I always go returning to subjective as I experience this is what delivers out feelings the most powerful.”Of the items on Cheap Oil Paintings (http://www.oilpainting-shop.com) in 856 G Collection, the ones that got individuals discussing were those in her “Red Thread” sequence. The huge canvases have public of twisted and twisted cables extending from one end to the other.