View Full Version : It's in Blizzard's nature to ruin everything they can

09-19-2014, 08:44 AM
Personally, I believe the pandaren mount are going to be some form of frog or amphibian. We do not have many of the people types of creatures as mounts in WoW, and yes it provides artists enable you to do a little nice ornamental graphics on some kind of creature. We have a Chinese symbol for prosperity referred to as the Chan Chu, a three-legged frog creature that carries a coin in their mouth, that might be adopted to become the pandaren mount. Giant Chan Chu frogs might share the land using the pandaren, similar to the kodo beasts roam the plains of Mulgore using the tauren.

Couldn't you easily see a tome armored frog bounding across the battlefield? He could toss his little coin for idle animation. Plus, the mount is universal enough to allow all the other races to ride them, similar to the kodo, and could can be found in many colors and designs. His jump would obviously be awesome.

It's in Blizzard's nature to ruin everything they can.They ruined Worgen through away their awesome boar mounts and going for the ridiculous looking Running Wild skill, so it is entirely likely they'll do the same in cases like this, filled with designing awesome mounts and refusing for their services. In case you have enough <b><a href="http://www.wowgold-sales.com/wow-hot-items/" title="cheap wow items ">cheap wow items </a></b>,you will get pandaren mount easily when you purchase pandaren mount in wow.Should you be considering more wow guides or buy safe wow gold news,you can even examine wowgold-sales.com to get additional you choose there. tpth0jg