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09-16-2014, 08:22 AM
There are several months to go when the Runescape Double XP weekend arrives, which is a Runescape treat to warm you as the nights draw in. Now it is September, and the weekend will come on the FIFA Coins (http://www.runmmo.com) 1st of November, last for two weeks till the 2nd of November.

Runescape members will enjoy double XP in combat and skilling activities. While free players won’t be left out in the cold, they’ll enjoy +20% XP on eligible activities.

XP weekends are a time-honored RS community favorite. And there’ll be plenty of events around the time. Bonus XP weekends will be announced ahead of time, and full details will be given in a news post released before the weekend, as well as another when the Bonus XP weekend goes live.

The bonus XP modifier is set at x2 for members’ worlds and x1.2 for free worlds for the whole weekend. Note that members on free worlds will only receive the x1.2 modifier.

Items such as skill training pendants or skill gear training http://www.mmofifa.com/Runescape/Runescape-2007.Gold sets will work in addition to the Bonus XP weekend’s benefits. For example, if you were cutting normal trees while wearing the full lumberjack outfit during the weekend, your XP would be calculated as follows:

1. The 25 XP normally received from cutting the tree would first benefit from the lumberjack boost, resulting in a bonus of 1.25XP.

2. The bonus XP modifier would then boost the standard 25 XP to 50 XP before adding the lumberjack bonus, resulting in an end gain of 51.25 XP.

Lumberjack outfit, Golden mining suit, Constructor’s outfit, Black Ibis outfit, Master runecrafter robes, Fishing outfit, Mad May necklace, Squeal of Fortune training sets, Squeal of Fortune skill training pendants and Brawling gloves will work during the Bonus XP weekend.

There are enough time for you to prepare. You can gain the 07 RS Gold (http://www.mmofifa.com/Runescape/Runescape-2007.Gold) materials from now on. We will be glad to see you in the weekend.

09-22-2014, 09:05 AM
The same things I mentioned in the other 7 threads asking the same question. Summoning to 99 from 97 followed by agility, runecrafting, or C2 fishing.