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08-15-2014, 09:01 AM
Microsoft and EA have finally rectified the error, says the publisher. "The value linked to the Cheap Fifa Coins (http://www.fifacoins14fast.com/) and EA SPORTS UFC demos was because of technical error," says EA. "Both demos have been fixed from the Microsoft store."Demos for EA's FIFA 14 and UFC are now being charged for around the Xbox One store in certain regions, however the publisher claimed that is because a "system error."

Both demos are listed at £3.99 in great britan, $4.99 north america and $6.65 australia wide. Polygon cites EA Australia as reporting the pricing such as error but does not specify whether the error took place EA's systems or Microsoft's. The PlayStation Network remains unaffected. Both demos had previously been accessible for free.

Microsoft has issued a short statement, in addition to clarifying the pricing for the demos is definitely incorrect. "Microsoft knows the problem and that we are currently investigating the reason for it. I will keep our customers updated as information becomes available." We're still waiting to listen for back from local EA representatives.

It is an exciting time for FIFA fans. EA has just announced Lionel Messi because global cover star for that game all of which will soon be creating other big decisions on the FIFA 15 UK cover stars as well as FIFA 15 Ultimate Team player upgrades.

We've mentioned certain players which are due with an upgrade, but one of the players that basically stands out for individuals is James Rodriguez, the Colombian star who plays for Monaco together with an amazing World Cup in Brazil. k&hj238